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L.A. Times Daily – Oct 3 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“… to name one” SAY
“Cool Hand Luke” restraints Legirons
“Die Young” singer KESHA
“Quo Vadis” director Mervyn __ LEROY
“Relativity” artist ESCHER
“Skyfall” singer ADELE
“The Suburbs” Grammy-winning indie rock band __ Fire ARCADE
Ad come-on LOWPRICE
Add some contrast to TINT
Alma mater of about half the Supreme Court YALELAW
American __ SAMOA
Area of influence SPHERE
Arkansan’s neighbor OKIE
Before digging deeper ATFIRST
Behind PRO
Boss-pleasing guy YESMAN
Branches SECTS
Briskly depart SCAMPERAWAY
Chase Field team, on scoreboards ARI
Disney princess voiced by Kristen Bell ANNA
Doesn’t do seriously PLAYSAT
Dove headfirst, maybe SLID
Flakes in boxes CEREALS
Genre in a battle, perhaps RAP
Handle the roasting TAKEAJOKE
Heavy weight ONUS
High pair ACES
Highlights? AURORA
Hogwash ROT
Illustrations without shades and hues LINEART
Increases in desirability ENHANCES
Ironic lead-in to stating the obvious NEWSFLASH
Jet Ski maker KAWASAKI
Kids’ sandwich ingredient JELLY
Large amounts LOADS
Lecturer’s “My bad” IMISSPOKE
Light-footed SPRY
Like most residents of Nunavut INUIT
Like zeroes OVAL
Long beginning? ERE
Measures of current events? AMPS
Media with narrow tracks CDS
Merge MELD
Movie villain that reads lips HAL
Nepali wrap SARI
Nice place for a cap? TETE
On the level LEGIT
Ones who rarely skip class NERDS
Org. created in 2001 TSA
Pandemonium CHAOS
Really bad DISMAL
Request while extending a glass ILLHAVESOME
Secret source LEAKER
Showing ‘tude SASSY
Slopeside sight AFRAME
Slowly consume NURSE
Standings column WINS
Surreptitious sip source FLASK
Tee choices VNECKS
Territory from 1861 to 1889 DAKOTA
Toy with curly hair POODLE
Two for dinner? ENS
Words of exasperation ICANTEVEN
__ hammer CLAW
__ paint WET