L.A. Times Daily – Oct 3 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Aladdin” villain JAFAR
“Ars Poetica” poet HORACE
“Caught you!” OHO
“Da 5 Bloods” director Spike LEE
“Home Alone” actress Catherine OHARA
“Just Mercy” actor __ Jackson Jr OSHEA
“Oh yeah? __ who?” SEZ
“Reckon so” ISPOSE
“That’s a shame” SAD
“__ teach ’em!” THATLL
*”Anything wrong?” ISTHEREAPROBLEM
*Constellation that translates to “greater dog” CANISMAJOR
*Cracker topper from Kraft CHEEZWHIZ
*Expensive travel option FIRSTCLASS
A’s, Jays, or Rays TEAM
Abbr. in a high-rise address APT
Actor Guinness ALEC
Appease fully SATE
Ball-bearing peg TEE
Banded rock AGATE
Beach pailful SAND
Beaver State capital SALEM
Bombards with junk email SPAMS
Cardinals, on NFL scoreboards ARI
Collect bit by bit GLEAN
Consequence, and where the ends of the answers to the starred clues can be found AFTERMATH
Easy running paces TROTS
En __: as a group MASSE
Fire pit remains ASHES
Fleeting fashion FAD
Former spouse EXWIFE
Gathered, as leaves RAKED
Grown goslings GEESE
Have cumulative negative effects TAKEATOLL
Hunt for bargains SHOP
Letters near a padlock in an address bar HTTPS
Like a table at a romantic restaurant FORTWO
Like dive bars SEEDY
Lisbon greeting OLA
Meat and potatoes FOOD
Missing sections GAPS
Monogram part INITIAL
More in need of moisturizer DRIER
More than needed EXTRA
Not new OLD
Opponent FOE
Pandemonium BEDLAM
Parking lot device METER
Point in the right direction ORIENT
Punctuation mark often used in pairs EMDASH
Quiet speech syst ASL
Quite a long time AGES
Rage IRE
Red Sox legend, to fans YAZ
Remind over and over again NAG
Roves about ROAMS
Scat queen Fitzgerald ELLA
Sharing a common culture ETHNIC
Ships’ tillers HELMS
Shoe lift HEELTAP
Small game pieces PAWNS
Solos often sung in Italian ARIAS
Sparkly crowns TIARAS
Suffix with elephant or serpent INE
The Dalai __ LAMA
Thin neckwear STRINGTIE
Urgent care ctrs ERS
Use handlebars STEER
Visibility-reducing weather phenomenon FOG
Women’s History Mo MAR
Yoga pose ASANA
__ and figures FACTS
__ feed: online news aggregator RSS
__-game show PRE

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