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L.A. Times Daily – Oct 5 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

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Clues Answers
“Finale Ultimo” chorus in “The Sound of Music” NUNS
“Peer Gynt” playwright Henrik IBSEN
“Psych!” NOT
“__ well that ends well” ALLS
Alka-Seltzer sound PLOP
AP’s Co-driver of the Century Mario ANDRETTI
Ariana Grande album “thank u, __” NEXT
Before, in poetry ERE
Big Ten school with eight national football titles OHIOSTATE
Billiards bounce CAROM
Broadway destination THEATER
Burn-soothing creams ALOES
Car-collecting comic Jay LENO
Central points FOCI
Contacted on a cellphone CALLED
Defeated BEATEN
Displeases James Bond, at the bar? STIRS
Dueler’s choice WEAPON
Egg-laying spot NEST
Enjoy dinner EAT
Enter GOIN
Fail to put in OMIT
Fancy marble TAW
Far-reaching EXTENSIVE
Federer of tennis ROGER
Fix, as a fight RIG
Flowers in a van Gogh masterpiece IRISES
Free throw value ONE
French school LYCEE
Garden with a taboo 9-Across EDEN
Good thing for a film’s audio and video to be in SYNC
Greek “i” IOTA
Grocery store sack BAG
Had down pat KNEW
Headpiece at the Miss America website TIARA
Illicit romance AFFAIR
Lecherous man-goats SATYRS
Lettuce serving WEDGE
Like a mosquito victim BITTEN
Like an unswept fireplace ASHY
Mickey, to Rocky TRAINER
Mining finds ORES
Opposite of WSW ENE
Out of this world ALIEN
Outdoor dining spot PATIO
Pair in London? ENS
Partners for mas PAS
Pasture LEA
Playbill listings BIOS
Powerball, e.g LOTTO
Prefix with trooper or legal PARA
Presidential period, say ERA
Protein-rich egg part YOLK
Ransacks LOOTS
Regrets RUES
Rival of 12-Down LETTERMAN
Rival of 17-Across MICHIGAN
Rival of 28-Across FOYT
Robbed at sea PIRATED
Santa’s naughty-and-nice record, e.g LIST
Sauce fruit APPLE
Science that involves reasoning LOGIC
Secluded plight on a desert island, say ISOLATION
Show up APPEAR
Show up at ATTEND
Small amount DRIB
Socket insert PLUG
Somber news item OBIT
Stacked PILED
Stretched out like a sharpshooter PRONE
Suspect’s story ALIBI
Tolstoy’s Karenina ANNA
Trace of color TINGE
Volcanic output LAVA
Water bill basis USAGE
When “the mouse ran down” ATONE
Word that excites a dog TREAT