L.A. Times Daily – Oct 6 2018

Clues Answers
“Hakuna Matata” lifestyle EASE
“I’ma Be Me” stand-up comic Wanda SYKES
“It’s safe to sit next to me” IDONTBITE
“Naturalis Historia” author PLINY
“No more discussion” CASECLOSED
“Obviously!” NODUH
’60s-’70s singer born Ellen Cohen MAMACASS
1990s game console release, initially SNES
2000s political slogan YESWECAN
Abu Dhabi bigwig EMIR
Annual observance celebrating commitment to the planet EARTHHOUR
Buddhist priest LAMA
Card game played by Phileas Fogg WHIST
Certain something AURA
Chaparral plant SHRUB
Circumstances, idiomatically BOAT
Crete’s highest elev MTIDA
Darwin’s __ Beagle HMS
Didn’t play SATOUT
European hub ORLY
Graph point’s x-coordinate ABSCISSA
Half a classic cowboy nickname KEMO
Half a piano duo? HAND
Highland language ERSE
Hilarious ARIOT
Honey, in slang BAE
Importunate solicitor TOUT
Industrious type BUSYBEE
Initial payments ANTES
Iowa Department of Transportation city AMES
Irritations found in clouds GNATS
It can be pumped IRON
It often looks like gibberish PASSWORD
Iwo Jima flag-raiser Hayes IRA
Kodos’ alien cohort on “The Simpsons” KANG
Like turnpike ramps ONEWAY
Longfellow’s “The Bell of __” ATRI
Look for SEEK
Low joint KNEE
Martin or Miller STEVE
Mitt Romney’s alma mater: Abbr BYU
Modern folklore URBANMYTHS
Nonkosher sandwich, usually BLT
Old Dodges OMNIS
Ones in it for the long haul SEMIS
Onetime accessory for Britney Spears and Keri Russell MOUSEEARS
Poker for knights? LANCE
Prepared for pie, in a way CORED
Prolonged list, as of complaints LITANY
Put away SAVE
Rapper will.__ IAM
Retro filter choice SEPIA
Ritual heap PYRE
Rural stopovers INNS
Shaking event DEAL
Soap-drop indicator PLOP
Spin-off with a bluesy theme song by John Lee Hooker NCISNEWORLEANS
Stargazing subject? IDOL
Strong feeling THROE
Techie stereotype NERD
The “A” in the Tokyo studio AIC ANIME
Top of the order? ABBESS
Top squad ATEAM
Trunk extension LIMB
Turtle’s mouth BEAK
Vital vessels AORTAE
Wisconsin college RIPON
__ tem PRO

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