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L.A. Times Daily – Sep 14 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

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Clues Answers
“May I speak?” AHEM
“Settle down!” EASY
“There’s no doubt!” IMSURE
“This isn’t good” UHOH
“Trick” joint KNEE
“__ sow … “ ASYE
1994 Jodie Foster title role NELL
2002 Hugh Grant film based on a Nick Hornby novel ABOUTABOY
A bit open AJAR
Academic acronym STEM
Backspace over ERASE
Birds with short finch-like bills … or, what the sets of circled letters literally are? BOBOLINKS
Blond hair, e.g TRAIT
Blue Ribbon beer PABST
Bluegrass band staple BANJO
Botanical fluid SAP
Bull-riding venue ARENA
Canasta combination MELD
Cardamom-infused tea CHAI
Chase away SHOO
Chem class rooms LABS
Come by honestly EARN
Costa del Sol coin EURO
Delicate DAINTY
Disrespectful talk SASS
Diving acronym SCUBA
Drum kit cymbals HIHATS
ESPN basketball analyst Rebecca LOBO
Fairy tale bear PAPA
First name in desserts SARA
Foots the bill PAYS
Gobbledygook MUMBOJUMBO
Gulf of California peninsula BAJA
Hall & Oates, e.g DUO
Hannah of “Splash” DARYL
Have a ball LIVEITUP
Heavenly bear URSA
Lao or Thai ASIAN
Letters in early dates BCE
Like mosaic tiles INLAID
Like pretzels SALTY
Long-handled tool HOE
Managed to get OBTAINED
Nature’s bandage SCAB
New venture FORAY
Ogre, for one BEAST
One with a tyre in his boot, perhaps BRIT
Parcels (out) DOLES
Part of “MNF,” an in-season wkly. sports broadcast MON
Part of UAE ARAB
Post-injury regimen REHAB
Puccini specialty OPERA
Pulsate THROB
Put under SEDATE
Reunion attendee AUNT
RPM indicator TACH
Salon creation HAIRDO
Sarah __, fIrst woman governor of Alaska PALIN
Scull crew OARS
Shrek’s love FIONA
Signal from the wings CUE
Small bottle VIAL
Soccer great Hamm MIA
Spanish for “table” MESA
Strong, as a storm SEVERE
Structural beams IBARS
Symbol on several PC keys ARROW
Talk aimlessly NATTER
Teakettle output STEAM
Therapy prefix AROMA
Three-time All-Star outfielder whose son was a seven-time N.L. MVP BOBBYBONDS
Tierra en el mar ISLA
Title for Richard Starkey SIR
Tombstone first name WYATT
Trick or treat VERB
Under the covers ABED
Wastes time IDLES
__ from the past: nostalgic event BLAST