L.A. Times Daily – Sep 14 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Kills bugs dead!” spray RAID
“Seize the day” initialism YOLO
“What’s the latest?” ANYNEWS
“Wicked!” RAD
*Figure often depicted with a scythe and an hourglass FATHERTIME
*Pakistani-born chef who was posthumously honored with a James Beard Award FATIMAALI
*Secretive email option BLINDCARBONCOPY
*Serious software problem FATALERROR
Abby Wambach’s sport SOCCER
Act parts SCENES
Admit frankly AVOW
Analogy words ISTO
Assertion CLAIM
Author Rand AYN
Bike part BRAKE
Black bird RAVEN
Bodies of water SEAS
Bridal path flower piece PETAL
Cabbage buy HEAD
Calf-roping event RODEO
Caramel candies ROLOS
Chocolate __ cake LAVA
Cookbook contents RECIPES
Cookie used as a 12-Down topping OREO
Curry of the NBA SETH
Dessert from 16 Handles, familiarly FROYO
Diet that’s high in fats and low in carbs, as illustrated by parts of the answers to the starred clues KETO
Fabulous writer? AESOP
Fertility lab cells OVA
Fine horse STEED
Genre for composer Terence Blanchard OPERA
Glazer of “The Afterparty” ILANA
Hit, as with snowballs PELT
Hockey Hall of Famer Willie OREE
Hubbub ADO
Informal “You’re oversharing” TMI
Japanese drama NOH
Juliet’s cry OROMEO
Knock RAP
Like some dangerous isotopes RADIOACTIVE
Maker of the Deep Blue chess computer IBM
Michelle of “Crazy Rich Asians” YEOH
Neighborhood AREA
Not so big SMALLER
Omit in speech ELIDE
Part of FWIW ITS
Past the point of caring OVERIT
Predicament SPOT
Prefix for a lifesaving “Pen” EPI
Quintet for most starfish ARMS
Ready for picking RIPE
Safari herbivore RHINO
Sassy kid BRAT
Sidelines cheer RAH
Signs of boredom YAWNS
Skating commentator Lipinski TARA
Soaks up the sun TANS
Spanish tennis great Nadal, familiarly RAFA
Speed skater Ohno APOLO
Spreadsheet unit CELL
Stash, as gear STOW
Story TALE
Tell it like it isn’t LIE
Timbuktu’s land MALI
Tolerate ABIDE
Try to hit AIMAT
Uncertain IFFY
Uncommon RARE
Up the creek INAPICKLE
Upgrade, as machinery REFIT
Waffle maker IRON
Winnie-the-Pooh greeting HALLO
Workout top TEE
__ college ELECTORAL
__ fail EPIC
__ Lanka SRI

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