L.A. Times Daily – Sep 18 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“A __ technicality!” MERE
“Mr. & Mrs. Smith” co-star JOLIE
“Mr. & Mrs. Smith” co-star PITT
“Not gonna happen” NAH
“Salt Fat __ Heat”: Samin Nosrat cookbook ACID
“Summertime Sadness” singer Lana __ Rey DEL
“Waiting for Lefty” dramatist Clifford ODETS
“__ America”: 2020 miniseries about the ERA movement MRS
1980 Olympics track medalist Steve OVETT
Actor Alan who hosts the “Clear+Vivid” podcast ALDA
Advice to a checkers player? JUMPATTHECHANCE
Agenda entries ITEMS
Allowing access AJAR
Arborist’s patient TREE
Artist who works with a chisel SCULPTOR
Atmosphere AIR
Attacks GOESAT
Bamboozles SNOWS
Beachcombing prize SEASHELL
Benchmark NORM
Biblical preposition UNTO
Bind with a cord LASH
Black tea PEKOE
Botanist Gray and actor Butterfield ASAS
Brief times, briefly SECS
Bug-hitting-the-windshield sound SPLAT
Bursts POPS
Charge, in a way IONIZE
Chili scoop LADLE
Church reading PSALM
Civil rights leader Medgar EVERS
Classical pianist Alice Sara __ OTT
Climate change sci ECOL
Coarse RUDE
Comfy loungewear PJS
Connective tissue SINEW
Correspond AGREE
Count (on) RELY
Crown array GEMS
D’backs, on a sports ticker ARI
Damage MAR
Dedicate, as time DEVOTE
Diminished RECEDED
Do a slow burn SEETHE
Dory’s companion NEMO
Encouragement to a Yahtzee player? GETTHISSTRAIGHT
Enter gingerly EASEIN
Entertainment industry grand slam, for short EGOT
Equally matched EVEN
Extended conflicts FEUDS
Fabricated MADEUP
Falafel bread PITA
Figs NOS
First-aid dispenser MEDIC
Forced (on) FOISTED
Former NBA star Ming YAO
French fashion giant DIOR
Geometry surface PLANE
Give the slip ELUDE
Globetrotter’s need VISA
Glove material LATEX
Grace under fire POISE
Gumbo pod OKRA
Half-baked, as a plan INSANE
Heavenly octet PLANETS
Hindu royalty RAJAS
Impetuous RASH
Impulse URGE
In flight ALOFT
Interpretation SPIN
Italian fashion giant GUCCI
Jazz saxophonist Rollins SONNY
Knuckle or knee JOINT
Left on board? PORT
Like the River Shannon IRISH
Like two 2015 Max Scherzer games NOHIT
Lines on GPS displays ROADS
Lots and lots TONS
Medieval Icelandic collection EDDA
Microwaves ZAPS
Napa Valley tub VAT
Nikolai who wrote “The Overcoat” GOGOL
On-call devices PAGERS
One in a dory ROWER
One way to think ALOUD
Opposite of sur NORTE
Originate ARISE
Over the speed limit TOOFAST
Overturn UPEND
Philadelphia NFLer EAGLE
Piece of history RELIC
Pinkie-side arm bone ULNA
Prayer for a chess player? GODSAVETHEQUEEN
Priceless? FREE
Prompt to a Twister player? PUTYOURFOOTDOWN
Prosecco kin ASTI
Prune, before drying PLUM
Psychology 101 subject EGO
Quarrel SPAT
Real doozies LULUS
Resting on ATOP
Roadie’s vanload AMPS
Sad request to one’s Hangman opponent? GIVEMEAHAND
Sculling need OAR
Singer Ronstadt LINDA
Smartphone array APPS
Southern twang DRAWL
Spearheaded LED
Spill the beans TELL
Sports drink suffix ADE
Sports stadium ARENA
Spread around STREW
Stand for something? EASEL
Strands in a lab DNA
Strategic steps TACTICS
Submit for judging ENTER
Sudden burst of emotion PAROXYSM
Survey results, e.g DATA
The Jonas Brothers, e.g TRIO
Thoughtful PENSIVE
Trim, perhaps EDIT
Turn over __ leaf ANEW
TV Land fare RERUN
Vague amount ANY
Vault LEAP
Vegas calculation ODDS
Wheel parts RIMS
Will of “Blue Bloods” ESTES
With 73-Down, assertion to one’s Scrabble opponent? ITSYOURWORD
Witticism QUIP
Woman on Argentina’s 100 peso note PERON
Yamaha with a bench seat PIANO
__ opener SEASON
__ out: resolve HASH
__ pale ale INDIA

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