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L.A. Times Daily – Sep 2 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Drop it!” LETGO
“Rolling in the Deep” singer ADELE
“That’s a big __” ASK
’50s pres. monogram DDE
Barclays Center hoopsters NETS
Barely manage EKEOUT
Bedroom closet hangers ROBES
Bit of eBay input BID
Bonkers GAGA
Browsing target SITE
Cat’s back shape, at times ARCH
Chain in the Bahamas BIMINI
Cockpit calculations, briefly ETAS
Copy room purchase REAM
Disaster response gp FEMA
Drama Desk Award cousins OBIES
Dye holder VAT
Emotional poem ODE
Fabled broom rider HAG
Fish with chips COD
Gambling spot CASINO
Gives a bit SAGS
Greek salad toppings FETAS
Happy ending to a kidnap saga POLICERESCUE
Hawaiian thanks MAHALO
Hawkish god ARES
Hi-__ audio RES
Homing pigeon, e.g DOMESTICBIRD
It might be bookmarked URL
It’s big at the Golden Arches MAC
It’s often walked into in jokes ABAR
Jessica of “The Politician” LANGE
Keep from escaping SEALIN
London Underground THETUBE
Manatee cousin DUGONG
Michelangelo work in St. Peter’s PIETA
MLB Hall of Famer Wade BOGGS
Newlyweds’ adventure, maybe HOUSEHUNTING
Ocean State sch URI
Org. using wands TSA
Park near Bar Harbor ACADIA
Pi follower RHO
Pioneer in canned soft drinks RCCOLA
Pirates’ offensive SEAATTACK
Pool toy NOODLE
Popular ISP AOL
Protective wear for swimmers VEST
Reagan Airport code DCA
Rubik’s __ CUBE
Schoolyard dare intensifier … and a hint to the five other longest answers DOUBLEDOG
Sicilian mount ETNA
Sign of spring BUD
Signal to enter CUE
Soft opening? ESS
Spring scent LILAC
Starbucks offering LATTE
Start of many Grisham titles THE
Suit fabrics SERGES
Sushi bar fare EEL
Tchotchke stand ETAGERE
Think tank output IDEAS
Those, in Taxco ESOS
Tot’s little piggy TOE
Trees with light wood BALSAS
Trick CON
Trick alternative TREAT
Trig function SINE
Turner and a president IKES
USDA section: Abbr AGR
Wanders (about) GADS
Wild West weapon COLT
Word for us OUR
Workshop grooves DADOS
Yolanda’s “Yay!” OLE
__-1701: Starship Enterprise markings NCC