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L.A. Times Daily – Sep 20 2018

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Clues Answers
“A Doll’s House” playwright IBSEN
“Aladdin” prince ALI
“Good going!” NICE
“The Martian” has none ETS
“We sure fell for that one, Jack,” e.g.? JILLHUMOR
“You get the idea” letters ETC
“__ Miz” LES
2010 sci-fi sequel subtitled “Legacy” TRON
Abdomen neighbor GROIN
Agitated state SNIT
Alpine transport TBAR
Amount past due? TRE
Ancient Andean INCA
Barbershop part BASS
Be off ERR
Belgian language related to French WALLOON
Big star IDOL
Brit’s floor covering LINO
Brouhaha ADO
Bryce Harper, for now NAT
Chamber music group TRIO
Competitor of Helena ESTEE
Contempt SCORN
Cosmetic additive ALOE
Cries at the Home Run Derby OOHS
Deli snacks KNISHES
Dún Laoghaire’s land EIRE
Dvorák’s “Rusalka,” for one OPERA
Embryonic membranes CAULS
Excellent joke? GREATJAPE
Fully committed ALLIN
Grassy stretches LEAS
Guitarist’s gadget CAPO
Have a sudden inspiration? GASP
Instead ELSE
Jungle vine LIANA
Largest division of Islam SUNNI
Light hair color ASHBLONDE
Lincoln Ctr. site NYC
Map line ROAD
Matthew Arnold’s “__ Beach” DOVER
McGregor who plays two roles on TV’s “Fargo” EWAN
Mr. Magoo, for one MYOPE
Norwegian coastal horse? FJORDPINTO
Often-cosmetic procedure NOSEJOB
Ornamental band SASH
Parenthesis, e.g ARC
PBS science series COSMOS
PBS science series NOVA
Pear variety ANJOU
Petrol unit LITRE
Pronunciation symbol SCHWA
Ra, in ancient Egypt SUNGOD
Rejects suddenly JILTS
Ring leader? TORERO
Rope loop NOOSE
Santa’s reindeer, e.g OCTET
Scandinavian name meaning “cliff” STEN
Scorch CHAR
Small amount DRIB
Small racer KART
Sound from a tree CHIRP
Stat for Chris Sale ERA
Storied craft ARK
Sunflower edible SEED
Talk JAW
They’re kept under wraps GIFTS
Vehicle with caterpillar treads SNOCAT
View from Corfu IONIANSEA
Was yanked offstage … or what four puzzle answers did, in a way GOTTHEHOOK
Whac-__ AMOLE
Where a sensei teaches how to slalom? SKIDOJO
__ nerve ULNAR