L.A. Times Daily – Sep 21 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“I’m __ your tricks!” ONTO
“Mangia!” EAT
“One more thing … “ ALSO
“Pull up a chair” SIT
“Stop filming!” CUT
“The Grouchy Ladybug” writer/illustrator CARLE
“You __ kidding!” ARENT
“__ Nagila”: Israeli folk song HAVA
365 days YEAR
Anime genre featuring giant robots MECHA
Appear to be SEEM
Ballpark figure GUESS
Barack and Michelle’s eldest daughter MALIA
Bashful SHY
Basil-based sauce PESTO
Bee product HONEY
Blip on a polygraph, maybe LIE
Broody sorts? HENS
Carried debt OWED
Cheerios grains OATS
Compensation WAGE
Continues PERSISTS
Cookie fruit FIG
Corp. computer exec CTO
Cymbal sound CRASH
Defiant retort MAKEME
Disappointing sign on a store selling warm-weather garments? OUTOFSHORTS
Donkey ASS
Doth own HATH
Fall flat FAIL
Family room DEN
Fast-spreading social media posts MEMES
Fluttering in the wind WAVING
Food cart snacks in South Asia CHAAT
Fragrance SCENT
Fuzzy sitcom star of the 1980s ALF
Garden with forbidden fruit EDEN
GPS display MAP
Grow tiresome WEAR
HBO political satire starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus VEEP
Hip hop genre TRAP
Hugo-nominated novelist Palmer ADA
Impatient ANTSY
Impractical way to get dressed? SHOESONFIRST
Informed (of) AWARE
Initial poker bet ANTE
Japanese noodle dish RAMEN
Jekyll’s counterpart HYDE
Like cans in a recycling bin, hopefully EMPTY
Many a univ. donor ALUM
Many profs DRS
More than dislike HATE
NFL team whose mascot is named Roary LIONS
Open up, in a way SHARE
Out-and-out UTTER
Ouzo flavoring ANISE
Performed ACTED
Pint-size WEE
Place of origin HOMETOWN
Planning meeting for the costume department? CLOTHESCALL
Punchline lead-in SETUP
Really pulls off a jacket? ROCKSTHECOAT
Rub ingredient SPICE
Scouting mission, briefly RECON
Sir or sri TITLE
Small village HAMLET
Swerves VEERS
Texting letters SMS
Thwack SLAP
Totally beat WIPED
Tries, as one’s patience TESTS
Tuck out of view HIDE
Warning signal ALERT
Wheel-connecting rods AXLES
Wrinkled LINED
Yields, as a profit NETS
__ and blood FLESH

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