L.A. Times Daily – Sep 22 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“All in the Family” surname BUNKER
“Aw, what the heck” OHOK
“Big whoop” MEH
“Calvin and Hobbes,” for one COMIC
“Pray for the Wicked” band __! at the Disco PANIC
“Pressure” singer Lennox ARI
2022 prequel film in the “Predator” franchise PREY
Archetypal lab assistant IGOR
Artificial grass TURF
At any point in time EVER
Basic bagel order PLAIN
Belted out a tune SANG
Bottom-heavy fruit PEAR
Bullpen aces CLOSERS
Burnt __ ENDS
Camp beds COTS
Catherine of “Schitt’s Creek” OHARA
Cave __ ART
Celebrity couple? RICHANDFAMOUS
Checkup EXAM
Chicago airport code ORD
Chicago mayor Lightfoot LORI
Church bell sound CHIME
City north of Memphis CAIRO
Collapsed CAVEDIN
Craters of the Moon locale IDAHO
Credit report blot REPO
Dangles a carrot in front of TEMPTS
Desierto’s lack AGUA
Destinations in some getaway plans? RESORTS
Enter one’s credentials LOGON
Fashion icon Apfel IRIS
Fish tacos fish, on menus MAHI
Forever, seemingly EONS
Former Spice Girl who was a judge on “America’s Got Talent” MELB
Holds carefully CRADLES
In the thick of AMIDST
Kathryn’s “WandaVision” role AGATHA
Kitchen job PREP
Kylo of the “Star Wars” sequels REN
Large deer ELK
Letters before a summary TLDR
Like Denali, among North American peaks TALLEST
Longtime NYC punk rock club CBGB
Many a Monopoly sq AVE
Mobile download APP
Morehouse, e.g COLLEGE
Musée d’Orsay city PARIS
Navigate black diamond slopes SKI
Not feeling well ILL
Olfactory sense SMELL
Perfect couple? PRIMANDPROPER
Pond honker GOOSE
Procure GET
Rapper Lil __ X NAS
Ready for a refill EMPTY
Reservoir creator DAM
Santa’s laugh HOHOHO
Scottish no NAE
Shed feathers MOLT
Shrubbery HEDGES
Simon & Garfunkel half PAUL
Singular events ONEOFFS
Situated on ATOP
Sonic explosions BOOMS
Spider-Man player Holland TOM
Sportswriter Berkow IRA
Stir up RILE
Telephone no. addition EXT
Uber __ EATS
Ultrasound goo GEL
Uses Liquid Nails, say GLUES
Vexation PEST

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