L.A. Times Daily – Sep 24 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Didn’t think I’d see you here!” OHHI
“Git!” SCAT
“Is that all?” AREWEDONE
“Let You Love Me” and “You for Me” singer ORA
“No offense” JUSTSAYING
“The Secret of the Old Clock” sleuth DREW
“Then what happened!?” AND
“Tsk” evokers NONOS
“Yesss!” YAY
44-Across, for one TEEN
Actress Headey LENA
Application error, perhaps SMEAR
Asian peninsula SINAI
Audition dismissal NEXT
Banks on a runway TYRA
Believing, so they say SEEING
Bird found on all seven continents TERN
Building site code? HTML
Caver’s cry ISURRENDER
Chow line? LEASH
City near Nîmes ARLES
Close political contest HORSERACE
Collection that often happens by default REPO
Colonial protector? SOLDIERANT
Comoros capital MORONI
Complex part? CONDO
Diagonal spar SPRIT
Digs a lot ADORES
Dose of reality, perhaps EYEOPENER
Early aircraft navigation system RADIORANGE
Emotion voiced by Lewis Black in “Inside Out” ANGER
Empty words PRATTLE
Etymology concern ROOT
Felt lousy AILED
Food service giant SYSCO
Front LOAN
Frozen treat with Mermaid and Baby Narwhal flavors ICEE
Get better HEAL
Gets into swing JIVES
Gravel size PEA
Groundbreaking technology? OILRIG
Happy cry on a fishing boat GOTONE
Informal language that includes many abbreviations TEXTESE
Italian for “entrepreneur” IMPRESARIO
Junior SON
Label on some bean bags DECAF
Lemur in the “Madagascar” films MORT
Like some emotional speeches FIERY
List on a concert T-shirt DATES
Make ends meet? SEW
Music producer Estefan EMILIO
Not at all assertive MEEK
Not so hot TEPID
Org. led by Charles P. Rettig IRS
Pair DUO
Paleozoic marine arthropods TRILOBITES
Phrase that may start a verdict ASTO
Plan for the future, in a way IRA
Prop for a classic magic trick SAW
Recess NICHE
Revue element VARIETYACT
So-so effort BGAME
Soothed EASED
Southeast Asian spicy noodle soup LAKSA
Spirited tale GHOSTSTORY
Squelch SITON
Stuck in traffic, say LATE
Symbol of purification HOLYWATER
Taste found in shrimp paste UMAMI
__ pad STENO

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