L.A. Times Daily – Sep 28 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Press __ key to continue” ANY
“The X-Files” agent Scully DANA
“Tomorrow” musical ANNIE
“Yikes!” SHEESH
“__ all heroes wear capes” NOT
“__ Brockovich” ERIN
“__ Man”: Village People hit MACHO
500 sheets of paper REAM
Abbr. seen under a deer silhouette XING
Abu Dhabi’s country: Abbr UAE
Agree silently NOD
Ambiguous outcome, and what the circled letters literally contain MIXEDRESULTS
Ames’s state IOWA
Antacid brand TUMS
Auth. unknown ANON
Baby bird’s home NEST
Beyond mad IRATE
Body spray brand AXE
Branch of Islam SHIA
Bubble tea pearls BOBA
Capital of Alaska JUNEAU
Cards with pics IDS
Carnival FAIR
Cleared weeds, say HOED
Coffee, in slang JAVA
College sports channel ESPNU
Creator of a Sonic boom? SEGA
Crowd around MOB
Dead heat TIE
Director DuVernay AVA
Dreary and dull DRAB
Eel-and-rice dish UNADON
Embarrass ABASH
Enthusiast BUFF
Feature of some ball caps FLATBRIM
Fragrant sap BALSAM
Fudge-and-caramel ice cream dish TURTLESUNDAE
General vibe AURA
Golf course halves NINES
Gorilla, e.g APE
Gradually and reliably SLOWLYBUTSURELY
Grind, as molars GNASH
Grocery chain based in Germany ALDI
High ponytail, e.g UPDO
Item needed to play Poohsticks TWIG
Knee-to-ankle area SHIN
Knock sharply RAP
Language spoken by Kamala Khan’s family on “Ms. Marvel” URDU
Like some exams ORAL
Member of an ancient religion that values nonviolence JAIN
Note-taking aid PAD
Occupations PURSUITS
Olympic sprinter Thompson-Herah ELAINE
Org. with a Reproductive Freedom Project ACLU
Org. with the Blues and the Blue Jackets NHL
Organ component PIPE
Oscar winner Tatum ONEAL
Petty quarrel SPAT
Playlist overseers, for short DJS
Plenty of AMPLE
Pre-calc math course TRIG
Ready to play, in a way TUNED
Regulations for a big contest TOURNAMENTRULES
Rich cakes TORTES
Run-down SEEDY
Shared stories LORE
Skateboard stunt OLLIE
Slide show? AMOEBA
Story that might take hours to tell SAGA
Tasmanian marsupial WOMBAT
Toss out EXPEL
Units of resistance OHMS
V-shaped sitting pose in yoga BOAT
Waterproof covers TARPS
WNBA alum Barnes who coaches the Arizona Wildcats ADIA

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