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L.A. Times Daily – Sep 4 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Born This Way’ Lady GAGA
‘Buenos __’ DIAS
‘Cure Ignorance’ online anthology UTNE
‘East of Eden’ director Kazan ELIA
‘Friendly Skies’ co UAL
‘Go on, git!’ SCAT
‘Paint It Black’ instrument SITAR
‘That’s a shame’ ALAS
‘The Persistence of Memory’ painter DALI
1914 battle river YSER
1990s Labor secretary REICH
Actor Hemsworth LIAM
Automne preceder ETE
Balloon filler AIR
Bellini opera NORMA
Beneath contempt VILE
BlackBerry, e.g PDA
Blanched WAN
Boston fern, e.g HOUSEPLANT
Brigantine’s pair MASTS
Busy, busy, busy ATIT
Cabeza, across the Pyrenees TETE
Canapé topper ROE
Cannabis compound THC
Capote nickname TRU
Custodian’s ringfull KEYS
Deck chair piece SLAT
Didn’t dawdle ACTED
Digging INTO
Discouraging words NOS
Double curve ESS
Far from ruddy ASHY
Free speech org ACLU
Goggle GAPE
Hard to please PARTICULAR
Hit gently TAPON
Honey DEAR
Hutt’s favorite beverage? JABBAJUICE
Improv session JAM
Is home sick, maybe AILS
Jasmine __ RICE
Minor argument TIFF
Modest response to praise ITRY
No ally of Asta FLEA
Not on the level ASLANT
One of six awards for Ursula Le Guin NEBULA
Part of a boxer’s ‘tale of the tape’ REACH
Piano practice concerns TEMPI
Piano practice piece ETUDE
Protective cover TARP
Put to rest ALLAY
Rapper with a beverage-like name ICET
Refrain CHORUS
Request to a prospective guest RSVP
Revolutionary soldiers REDCOATS
Room at the top ATTIC
Share-a-ride updates, briefly ETAS
Side in some all-star games EAST
Soak up the sun BASK
Solo’s favorite sandwiches? HANBURGERS
Sonicare rival ORALB
Support beam IBAR
Tavern pours ALES
The NHL’s Thrashers ATL
Ticket category ADULT
Treated PAID
Unwitting test taker LABRAT
Uptight ANAL
Vader’s favorite treat? DARTHCHOCOLATE
Wee hour TWO
What ‘F’ may mean FULL
Wookiee’s favorite dessert? CHEWIEBROWNIES
X-rated material SMUT
__ alai JAI
__ loss for words ATA