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L.A. Times Daily – Sep 6 2018

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Clues Answers
__ told: “That’s the rumor” SO IM
… et cetera ANDSOON
48-Down composer VERDI
Accept, with “for” SETTLE
Adorkable types NERDS
Alpine airs YODELS
Alters with a light touch? LASES
Area 51 craft UFO
Big letters in family-owned supermarkets IGA
Broken out, in a way ACNED
Capital on the Volga RUBLE
Cardinal’s letters STL
Change symbols, in math DELTAS
Christ the __: Rio landmark REDEEMER
Christian with style DIOR
Codes of conduct MORALS
Comic book personnel INKERS
Crime show with several spinoffs CSI
Cultivates TILLS
Days gone by, in days gone by ELD
Debate equipment LECTERNS
Depilatory cream NAIR
Designer Wang VERA
Difficult tasks TRIALS
Distance runners MILERS
Dunderhead MORON
Fetches GOES FOR
Field mice VOLES
Fleur-de-__: Quebec flag image LYS
Get under one’s skin ANNOY
Golden State team WARRIORS
Greek org. SOR
Half a dance CHA
Hall of Fame manager Stengel CASEY
Hankering ITCH
Higher ed. test GRE
Historic span: Abbr. CEN
Hosp. parts ERS
How some tickets may be sorted BY ROW
Impediment to creativity … and each set of puzzle circles WRITERS BLOCK
Is after SEEKS
Jaguar weapons CLAWS
JFK posting ETA
Lets off steam VENTS
Letters on a Qantas baggage tag SYD
Like many tees CREWNECK
Lyft passenger RIDER
Mideast bigwigs EMIRS
Monastic figures ABBOTS
Most junk mail ADS
Name in boxy cars? OTIS
Not working IDLE
Opera with Desdemona OTELLO
Plant in many Road Runner cartoons CACTUS
Poolside chair CHAISE
Psych finale? OSIS
Punching tools AWLS
Put on AIR
Risky proposition BAD BET
Rita awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom MORENO
Sal of “Exodus” MINEO
Scented pouch SACHET
Seething ABOIL
Singer with Lawrence GORME
Small songbird WREN
Stinger ingredient BRANDY
Suffix with fruct- OSE
Superman player Cavill HENRY
Suppress, as a story SIT ON
Taiwanese PC brand ACER
The Last Jedi villain Kylo REN
Troubadour’s strings LUTE
Turow biographical title ONEL
Uncle __ BENS
Venerated one IDOL
Waters down WETS
What Marcie calls Peppermint Patty SIR
Will Rogers prop LASSO
Work up AROUSE
You obviously can’t depend on me IM NO USE