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L.A. Times Daily – Sep 7 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Couldn’t be happier!” ILOVEIT
“Laughing” critter HYENA
“The Time Machine” author HGWELLS
“__ see it … “ ASI
*Budget college meal RAMENNOODLES
*Glowing circular phenomenon in the constellation Lyra RINGNEBULA
*Harlequin publication, e.g ROMANCENOVEL
*Letter stereotypically created from cut-and-paste newsprint RANSOMNOTE
*Sound of tires on a highway, say ROADNOISE
AOL rival MSN
Arthurian tales LEGENDS
Barber’s powder TALC
Big sports venue ARENA
Boozer SOT
Broadcast AIR
Cantaloupes and honeydews MELONS
Charged particle ION
College sr.’s test GRE
Consumes EATS
Cranberry sites BOGS
Disco or jazz ERA
Divide according to delivery area, as mail SORT
Dollar bill ONE
Entomologists’ subjects INSECTS
Feel crummy AIL
Find suitable DEEMFIT
Fitting SEEMLY
Friend PAL
Golden __: General Mills crackers GRAHAMS
Greek god of war ARES
H or O, in H2O ELEMENT
Hard work LABOR
Harmonize ATTUNE
Hit the slopes SKI
Hoping to score a run ONBASE
Hosp. staffers, or an initial feature of the answers to starred clues RNS
It can be bruised EGO
Jumps on one leg HOPS
Knighted one SIR
Leery of ONTO
Mailed SENT
Makes sense ADDSUP
Manner of behavior BEARING
Metal in bronze TIN
Nairobi resident KENYAN
New Deal prog NRA
NFL official REF
Olympic miler Jim RYUN
Parts of necks NAPES
Pleasant vocal cadence LILT
Raised urban trains ELS
Rowboat mover OAR
San Francisco vicinity BAYAREA
Scottish denial NAE
Sentence segment PHRASE
Sheltered from the wind ALEE
Sizzling HOT
Small hill KNOLL
Some electric cars TESLAS
Spider’s creation WEB
Strong old-time cleanser LYESOAP
Sworn promise OATH
Target of a cheek swab DNA
Technique used for many film explosions: Abbr CGI
Terse summons about an exam grade SEEME
The Boar’s Head in “Henry IV,” e.g INN
They’re built in birdhouses NESTS
Three-time PGA leading money winner Vijay __ SINGH
Title for Amazon’s Jeff Bezos CEO
Tokyo’s Yoko ONO
Tolkien brutes ORCS
Toothpaste holder TUBE
TSA agents’ requests IDS
Wildebeest GNU
Wurlitzer product ORGAN
Zen garden fish KOI