L.A. Times Daily – Sep 9 2018

Clues Answers
‘… but maybe I’m wrong’ ORNOT
’60s war zone NAM
‘All __ are off’ BETS
‘Are you __ not?’ INOR
‘Can __ now?’ IGO
‘Golly!’ GEE
‘I know! Call on me!’ OHOH
‘I touched your nose!’ sound BOOP
‘Phooey!’ PAH
‘Star Trek’ actor TAKEI
‘The A-Team’ actor MRT
‘Your point being?’ AND
1965 Pulitzer author Shirley Ann __ GRAU
Accomplished DID
Anklebone TALUS
Annoying VEXING
As scheduled ONTIME
Be flush with ABUT
Beloved 1981 bride DIANA
Better mtge. deal REFI
Better ventilated AIRIER
Big name in foil ALCOA
Big __ SUR
Bumpkins YAHOOS
Burns, e.g POET
Cambodia neighbor LAOS
Campus residence, maybe FRAT
Casino city near 32-Down RENO
Charms WILES
China setting ASIA
Choice VOTE
Chop shop wheels HOTCAR
Civil War letters CSA
Contract exceptions OUTS
Curds in blocks TOFU
Dire March time IDES
Doofus DOLT
Earth, for one ORB
Easter supplies DYES
Enters daintily FLITSIN
Expresses awe over AAHSAT
Feeling down GLUM
Folk story MYTH
Gen Xer’s parent, perhaps BABYBOOMER
Good way to keep an enemy ATBAY
Gray shade SLATE
Great Plains tribe OTOE
Guru’s lodging ASHRAM
Half a comedy duo MEARA
Hardened (to) INURED
Have sum trouble MISADD
Hogwarts mail carrier OWL
Hosp. hookups IVS
Impersonate POSEAS
Inlets RIAS
Insole material GEL
Installment of each of the ‘shows’ in six puzzle answers? CROSSOVEREPISODE
Italian director Zeffirelli FRANCO
Justice Kagan appointer OBAMA
JWoww’s title pal in a ‘Jersey Shore’ spin-off SNOOKI
Kanye West label DEFJAM
Knighted Irish rocker BONO
Lamb pen name ELIA
Lifted STOLE
Like blokes MALE
Like melting snow puddles SLOSHY
Clues Answers
Literary pen name SAKI
Little branch TWIG
London jazz duo? ZEDS
Lower, as lights DIM
Luke’s mentor OBIWAN
Music-playing Apple IPOD
NASCAR’s Yarborough CALE
Nobel Prize subj ECON
Not many FEW
Old horse NAG
One may be L-shaped SOFA
One-eighties UIES
Overturn UPEND
Panini cheese ASIAGO
Part of A.D ANNO
People couple ITEM
Pi follower RHO
Possible barrier to romance AGEGAP
Prepared for a filling NUMBED
Program named for its broadcast day, for short SNL
Put new shingles on REROOF
Race distance MILE
Raced SPED
Real snoozefest BORE
Ripped TORN
Riviera saison ETE
Robert De __ NIRO
Scourges BANES
Selena’s music style TEJANO
Seraglios HAREMS
Sgts.’ superiors LTS
Shag or throw RUG
Show ending? BIZ
Show in which a Time Lord becomes a live-in domestic worker? DRWHOSTHEBOSS
Show in which Daenerys questions her suitors? DATINGGAMEOFTHRONES
Show in which Gloria and Lois commiserate about lazy husbands? MODERNFAMILYGUY
Show in which Richie and the Fonz write a soap? HAPPYDAYSOFOURLIVES
Show in which the Tanners move to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.? FULLHOUSEOFCARDS
Show in which zombies invade an 1870s South Dakota town? WALKINGDEADWOOD
Silent and amazed AGAPE
Sits in, say PROTESTS
Soccer cheer OLE
Strain TAX
Succeed in WINAT
Surprisingly, what the ‘O’ in OPEC doesn’t stand for OIL
Swatch Group products OMEGAS
Swear AVOW
Swine HOG
They may be inflated EGOS
Thin Mint cousins SAMOAS
Thor’s father ODIN
Too curious NOSY
Traitorous acts TREASONS
Trash TOSS
Twin Cities campus, informally UOFM
Unwelcome flower DANDELION
Usual method: Abbr SOP
Way out EGRESS
Way out of jail PAROLE
Went up again REROSE
Western resort TAHOE
Where ‘the birds began to sing’ INAPIE
Yours, in Tours ATOI
__ contendere: court plea NOLO
__ Fitzgerald FSCOTT

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