L.A. Times Daily – Sep 9 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“American Street” author __ Zoboi IBI
“Farewell” ADIEU
“Mudbound” director Rees DEE
“Vice” Oscar nominee ADAMS
“Well, gosh!” GEE
“Wow, no doubt” IBET
*Band gear only used in the warmest months? SUMMERAMP
*Poem dedicated to a computer chip? BINARYODE
*Reason for roadwork? OLDSHOULDER
*What an eager newlywed requests from a wedding photographer? ALLTHESHOTS
Actress Taylor-Joy ANYA
All-out brawl MELEE
Art gallery on the Thames TATEMODERN
Bale contents HAY
Blues guitarist Baker ETTA
Born NEE
Break down chemically DEGRADE
Bring up REAR
Buckwheat noodle SOBA
Can. elected officials MPS
Chain with a Beauty Insider rewards program SEPHORA
Chapati flour ATTA
Chem class LAB
Complete collections SETS
Condition underdiagnosed in girls: Abbr ADHD
Cruet filler: Abbr EVOO
Disposable sock PED
Farm insects ANTS
Faucet brand DELTA
Form a queue LINEUP
Genuine REAL
Get back (to) REPLY
Grand Marnier flavor ORANGE
Hair __ TIE
Hits the books and rings a bell IDIOMS
Imam’s faith ISLAM
Info on a political rival OPPO
Jesmyn Ward’s “Men We Reaped,” for one MEMOIR
Jittery EDGY
Kind of tense PAST
Krakow native POLE
Lithuania neighbor LATVIA
Liu who plays the superhero Shang-Chi SIMU
Long fish EELS
Noble title LORD
Not fooled by ONTO
Obligation DUTY
One rising at dawn SUN
Park City’s state UTAH
Pelee Island’s lake ERIE
Pencil toppers ERASERS
Person with a spiritual calling? MIXOLOGIST
Petty gripes NITS
Places for taking notes? ATMS
Pride of lions MANE
Psychic ability ESP
Quiet “Over here” PSST
Rainforest lizards IGUANAS
Ramerez who plays Che on “And Just Like That … “ SARA
Runs on TV AIRS
Shaping aid MOLD
Short “And yet … “ OTOH
Show the door, and a phonetic hint for the answers to the starred clues SEEOUT
Simple top TEE
Single ONE
Snack __ BAR
Soccer star Hamm MIA
Spheres ORBS
Time piece ERA
Tropical party LUAU
Tzatziki herb DILL
Uses a microfiber cloth DUSTS
Verb in a risotto recipe STIR
Where to get counter offers? DELIS
Zendaya’s “Euphoria” role RUE
Zoomer’s parent, maybe XER

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