L.A. Times Daily – Mar 6 2018

L.A. Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Solutions РMar 6 2018 Tuesday

Clues Answers
__ Brothers: defunct financial firm LEHMAN
__ profit: make money NETA
__-sea diver DEEP
“I smell __!” ARAT
“Just a __!” SEC
“Not so close!” BACKOFF
“Orange” tea grade PEKOE
Author Hoffman ALICE
Barnes & Noble reader NOOK
Bygone apple spray ALAR
Charged particles IONS
Choir voice ALTO
Crossword solver’s choice PENCIL
Currency named for a continent EURO
Cyberzine EMAG
Declare emphatically AVOW
Dress-for-success accessory POWER TIE
Drink with sushi SAKE
Drinks in schooners ALES
Drive too fast SPEED
Easy thing to do SNAP
Engage in hard-nosed negotiations PLAY CHICKEN
Equine outburst SNORT
Extended pd. away from work LOA
Failed suddenly, as a laptop CRASHED
Foot cover SOCK
French dispatch boat AVISO
Frolic in a lively way ROMP
Georgia state fruit PEACH
Gold rush animal MULE
Golden Fleece ship ARGO
Great time BLAST
Groom’s new relative INLAW
Guiding principle TENET
Harry’s pal Weasley RON
Have things finally go one’s way CATCH A BREAK
Heinz varieties count, to Caesar? LVII
How-to instruction STEP
Intl. news broadcaster VOA
iPhone downloads APPS
Job detail, for short SPEC
Kind of pittance? MERE
Lobster serving CLAW
Location SITE
Main artery AORTA
Make an annual clock adjustment … and what the end of 20-, 36- and 42-Across may literally have SPRING AHEAD
Maria von __, family singers’ matriarch TRAPP
Mosquito-borne disease YELLOW FEVER
New England NFLers PATS
New York Giants legend with 511 career home runs MELOTT
Old Chevy NOVA
Parakeets’ quarters CAGES
Penne __ vodka ALLA
Petting zoo youngsters LAMBS
Photo __: media events OPS
Political fugitives EMIGRES
Recently AS OF LATE
Regular pay WAGE
Remove dirt from CLEANSE
Rich boy in “Nancy” comics ROLLO
Runner Sebastian COE
Sanctified HOLY
Singer Damone VIC
Singer’s quavers TRILLS
Skin opening PORE
Smell ODOR
Snapchat co-founder Spiegel EVAN
Soviet news agency TASS
Sponsors’ spots ADS
Standing tall ERECT
Student’s workplace DESK
The “A” of NEA ARTS
Thinking output IDEA
Those in favor AYES
Tra-__: refrain syllables LALA
Trig ratio SINE
URL letters HTTP
Used a bench SAT

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