Metro – Mar 14 2018

Clues Answers
Ballet skirts TUTUS
Biblical writings SCRIPTURES
Big Top canvas TENT
Church senior ELDER
Comes in again (2-6) REENTERS
Corroded RUSTY
Covetous ENVIOUS
Destroy hope in DISHEARTEN
Diabetes preparation INSULIN
Draw level (5,2) CATCHUP
Duck feathers DOWN
Fiction writers NOVELISTS
Fly high SOAR
Glacial periods in the Earth’s history (3,4) ICEAGES
Hanging from above SUSPENDING
Imprecise INEXACT
In the open air ALFRESCO
Internet address, … Wide Web WORLD
Knight’s title SIR
Lingerie items BRAS
More competent ABLER
Ocean phases TIDES
Perhaps MAYBE
Phones (5,2) RINGSUP
Race official STEWARD
Sheltered side LEE
Shinbone TIBIA
Starts journey (5,3) HEADSOFF
Unrelenting PERSISTENT
Water supply & sewage tradesmen PLUMBERS
White ant TERMITE
Wood-turning machine LATHE

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