Metro – MAR 18 2018

Metro Crossword Puzzle Solutions – MAR 18 2018 

Clues Answers
Signifying or intending MEANING
Childhood disease MEASLES
Religious traveller PILGRIM
Savage person BRUTE
Circle (globe) ORBIT
Increases in depth DEEPENS
Mountain chain or assortment RANGE
Jam pies TARTS
Itinerant caravan dweller GYPSY
Took (exam) SAT
Trouser part LEG
Hurled THREW
Nonchalant BLASE
Council regulation BY LAW
Unapproachable ALOOF
Happen OCCUR
High spirits or great joy ELATION
Tranquillises SEDATES
Lubricates GREASES
Club participants MEMBERS
Reddish-brown (hair) AUBURN
Obstruct or hinder IMPEDE
Art showroom GALLERY
Not quite ALMOST
Walk heavily or US timber LUMBER
Gentlest SOFTEST
Fence openings GATES
Sports venue, bowling … ALLEY
Greenwich Mean Time (1,1,1) GMT
Golfing standard PAR
Coniferous tree YEW
Scrapes or wears by friction ABRADES
Aircraft sheds HANGARS
Deserving of EARNING
Made reparation ATONED
Outcome or consequence EFFECT
Fair-haired woman BLONDE
Neighbours or inhabitants LOCALS

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