Metro – Mar 20 2018

Clues Answers
Soft boggy area QUAGMIRE
Heart surgery, triple … BYPASS
Being watched, under … OBSERVATION
Have to repay OWE
Actor, … Cruise TOM
Halley’s … COMET
Everything included (2,3) INALL
Garments worn over pyjamas (8,5) DRESSING GOWNS
Statements to newspapers (5,8) PRESS RELEASES
Regularly OFTEN
Greatly please ELATE
Danger colour RED
Catch (thief) NAB
Cliffhanging SUSPENSEFUL
Postage stickers STAMPS
Hoop-throwing game QUOITS
Foolish person ASS
Wonder drug, … cure MIRACLE
Kingdom REALM
Tugging sharply YANKING
Scent ODOR
Having no pips SEEDLESS
Strong (feelings) INTENSE
Biting gnat MIDGE
Kebab sticks SKEWERS
More sensible WISE
Lampoons (5,2) SENDSUP
Increases (production) (5,2) STEPSUP
Befuddles ADDLES
Lower leg bone TIBIA
Wise guy, smart … ALECK
Toll FEE

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