Metro – Mar 3 2018

Clues Answers
… & downs UPS
… estate agent REAL
“No” vote NAY
Actor, … Cruise TOM
Admit guilt (3,2) OWNUP
An alternative ANOTHER
Angry or insane MAD
Animal doctor VET
Anti-terrorist group (1,1,1) SAS
Arrest NAB
Attach (to) AFFIX
Ballet dress TUTU
Beers ALES
Burn off or portable light TORCH
Carol, …! The Herald Angels Sing HARK
Cask KEG
Casserole STEW
Clumsy louts OAFS
Crooked ASKEW
Cruel wisecrack GIBE
Cry, shed a … TEAR
Detailed description ELABORATION
Discussion to reach agreement NEGOTIATION
Early morning DAWN
Easter treat, … cross bun HOT
Employ USE
Enthusiastic KEEN
Fireplace carbon SOOT
Flows away EBBS
Friendly peck KISS
Gallivant (about) GAD
Gather AMASS
Healing gel, … vera ALOE
Intending or signifying MEANING
Italy’s former currency LIRA
Ku Klux … KLAN
Lamb’s mother EWE
Liqueur, … Maria TIA
Loathed HATED
Musical twosome DUO
Omelette ingredients EGGS
Pen fluids or replenishes (stamp pad) INKS
Roman robe TOGA
Santa’s helper ELF
Sharpen (appetite) or hone WHET
Small bell sounds TINGS
Snake sound or expression of contempt HISS
Solo or The … Ranger LONE
Soviet secret police (1,1,1) KGB
Sprinkled with flour DREDGED
Stripper’s garment (1-6) GSTRING
Throwaway remark (2,3) ADLIB
Tiny songbird WREN
Tip of shoe TOE
Unsightly UGLY
Volcanic matter LAVA
Weathercock pointers VANES
Wheel centre HUB

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