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Metro – Mar 7 2018

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Metro Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 7 2018 

Clue Answers
‘Laughing’ scavenger HYENA
Artificial materials SYNTHETICS
Artless NAIVE
Borneo ape (5-4) ORANG UTAN
Built MADE
Bygone era, … days OLDEN
Cain’s brother ABEL
Candle core WICK
Climate chart (7,3) WEATHER MAP
Concert hall AUDITORIUM
Conductor’s stick BATON
Eighth, …, tenth NINTH
From the menu, … carte (1,2) ALA
Intervening time INTERIM
Magic lamp hero ALADDIN
Malignant skin tumour MELANOMA
Moose ELKS
Most hideous UGLIEST
Nasal opening NOSTRIL
Outshine UPSTAGE
Owner of territory (4-6) LANDHOLDER
Perfect IDEAL
Record label (1,1,1) EMI
Requisition again REORDER
Resupply with guns REARM
Spookiness EERINESS
Stoical and emotionless IMPASSIVE
Suffers torment (over decision) AGONISES
Tranquillised DOPED
UK racecourse ASCOT
Ventured (guess) HAZARDED
Wooden carton CRATE