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Mirror Classic – 1 MAR 2018

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Mirror Classic Crossword Puzzle Solutions Р1 MAR 2018 

Clues Answers
Atmosphere AIR
Beige colour BUFF
Coating VENEER
Elevate RAISE
End of Lent EASTER
Extraterrestrial ALIEN
Faulty AMISS
Financial investigation MEANSTEST
Floor covering MAT
Form of oxygen OZONE
Fundamental CENTRAL
Horse attendant STABLE BOY
Human being PERSON
Integer TEN
Male deer HART
Revises text EDITS
Sampled TRIED
Secrete HIDE
Seedy cinema FLEAPIT
Separate APART
Sheer precipice CLIFF
Supernatural creature ELF
Tatters RAGS
Team sport ICE HOCKEY
Teatime treat SCONE
Type of pork HAM