Mirror Classic – Mar 7 2018

Mirror Classic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 7 2018 

Clues Answers
Accidental FLAT
Again ANEW
Artefact RELIC
Cooking vessel PAN
Corrosive liquid ACID
Courageous GUTSY
Currency unit DINAR
Dead language LATIN
Depressed DOWN
Disgusting VILE
Frivolous LIGHT
Historic US city SALEM
Implement TOOL
Implore BEG
Indian instrument SITAR
Integer DIGIT
Make fast TIGHTEN
On a grand scale EPIC
Performance RECITAL
Period of time DAY
Phobia FEAR
Polite CIVIL
Precious metal GOLD
Repudiate DENY
Revise EDIT
Rituals RITES
Rotate SPIN
Sagacious WISE
Scolds NAGS
Sense FEEL
Shade of red CERISE
Shrewdness ACUMEN
Solidify GEL
Sound quality TONE
Subsequent NEXT
Without MINUS

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