Mirror Cryptic – 1 Mar 2018

Clues Answers
Reliable lad looks after ponies STABLE BOY
He’s got a steep face CLIFF
Small ice cream or cake SCONE
Selfish about pixie ELF
Number of contents TEN
Conceal the skin HIDE
Surface even confused queen VENEER
Isolated a section APART
Transport favourite rug CARPET
Rages about energy lost to cleaning cloths RAGS
Artist returned with Italian manner AIR
Bad actor in shambles HAM
Changes new diets EDITS
Strange to send a line ALIEN
Intends trial to be matter of affordability MEANSTEST
Attempted when terribly tired TRIED
Polish expert BUFF
Festival involving a steer EASTER
Gas round region OZONE
Key choice about Winter Olympics discipline ICEHOCKEY
Portray engineers now REPRESENT
Lift ape out of shabby place FLEAPIT
Fizzy claret has new middle CENTRAL
Barrel tax VAT
For every boy is individual PERSON
Lift gets more money RAISE
Wrong a young woman AMISS
Animal of tenderness, say HART

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