Mirror Cryptic – 19 March 2018

Mirror Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – 19 March 2018 

Clues Answers
Loans arranged at the hairdresser’s SALON
Illuminated concerning quantity LITRE
Greek character has time for mine PIT
Actors join the French piece CASTLE
Willing mage to get drunk GAME
One writer’s novel NEW
Shortest routine? ONESTEP
Struggle to get prisoner on trial CONTEST
Copper gets point of signal CUE
Sharp as a group of detectives ACID
Some poetry is hostile AVERSE
Hope woman has somewhere to sit PEW
Arrange letters for a while SPELL
Principle of reversibility? TENET
Next form is inferior SECONDCLASS
Plump for new top OPT
Nothing seen in Manila NIL
Land pamphlet TRACT
Woman right to get gift that never goes EVERPRESENT
Rent out bird TERN
This owner has a pig SOW
Now employees have to be obliged OWE
Devour in one attempt EAT
A vine turned green NAIVE
Cleaner sort of opera SOAP
Concurred with dog CUR
Beastly medic? VET
Fewer around animal EWE

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