Mirror Cryptic – Mar 10 2018

Mirror Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 10 2018 

Clues Answers
Admit to being won over OWN
Arranges tests for homes SETTS
Caught greeting in cavern CAVE
Clever nowadays at pet management ADEPT
College of note, possibly ETON
Composer sounds more correct WRITER
Conflicts in new arsenal WARS
Devoured more than seven, say ATE
Doctor about to get extra MORE
Extent of anger varies RANGE
Fairy’s manner AIR
Feel remorse, the French way RUE
Fewer around animal EWE
Force to use the car DRIVE
Gasp terribly at holes GAPS
Healthy colour in Istanbul TAN
I step out onto slope PISTE
Joined the team UNITED
Kitty is a dish POT
Lets on about being hot STOLEN
Level with first woman EVE
Lose argument about the Baltic, say SEA
Meg returned something valuable GEM
Moving near a venue ARENA
New rates for rents TEARS
Not far from one argument NEAR
Now overthrow is gained WON
OK bloke ROGER
One writer’s novel NEW
Part of community UNIT
Part of meal on salver, say ENTREE
Permit to hire LET
Range of gold section ORBIT
Reportedly noticed setting SCENE
Roused about employment USE
Rushed out of France RAN
Sheepish round wine producer OVINE
Small fruit as weapons SPEARS
Stop and apprehend ARREST
Teacher back in prison SIR
Uncovered a painting NUDE
Underwater gear as cub used SCUBA
Writer goes to church for money PENCE

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