Mirror Cryptic – Mar 11 2018

Mirror Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 11 2018 

Clues Answers
Afterwards from both ends THEN
Assesses council tax RATES
Brooding about god ODIN
Cancel directions to portal NEGATE
Chap gets record assistance HELP
Console directors PANEL
Discount new beater REBATE
Dog left to have a look OGLE
Eruption is fun BLAST
Form of green composition GENRE
Happy to be told not to start ELATED
Hot place in Coventry OVEN
Informant at the bank TELLER
Insect of character, say BEE
Life-changing dossier FILE
Loathe such heat HATE
Meagre sort of hint THIN
Moral about point being genetic ETHNIC
Once ordered ice cream CONE
Picture one prisoner ICON
Raid carried out without water ARID
Revealing about meat VEAL
Row about rite TIER
Sick of villagers ILL
Sign up loner, somehow ENROL
Speak about quote RECITE
Speculator finds papal decree BULL
Tidy in one attempt NEAT
Time to tear into fashion TREND
Walk to entrance, say GAIT

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