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Mirror Cryptic – Mar 13 2018

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Mirror Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 13 2018 

Clues Answers
Air of invention VENT
Appealing to reduce energy CUTE
Arrange letters for a while SPELL
At university, group gets troubled UPSET
Band unsettling priest STRIPE
Colour of zero scope ORANGE
Elegant cut TRIM
Equal with one couple PAIR
Fashionable team gets locked up INSIDE
Finished six deliveries OVER
Hitting with can TIN
Hot place in Coventry OVEN
Imagine being armed, possibly DREAM
Improved as a gambler BETTER
In France, you double the skirt TUTU
Lack a young woman MISS
Listen out for decoration TINSEL
Look for join, say SEEM
Made out title DAME
Mug went back for glue GUM
Officers’ money BRASS
Pasta turned out to be Spanish food TAPAS
Phase pets out STEP
Race around some land ACRE
Reversible hub? ROTOR
Started with quiche TART
Stop and apprehend ARREST
Stupid European coin DIME
Temperature that can be caught COLD
Yield a plant ovule, say CEDE