Mirror Cryptic – Mar 14 2018

Mirror Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 14 2018

Clues Answers
A victory on a river AVON
Always in same version EVER
Bears used as weapon SABRE
Cease sending post STOP
Charge three notes FEE
Church gets call from shrink CRINGE
Contend with point in perspective VIEW
County has finished with girl DONEGAL
Deserve new timer MERIT
Don’t eat quickly FAST
Each is extremely behind note EVERY
Equal with one couple PAIR
Finally doesn’t finish a book ATLAS
First man to find a barrier ADAM
God of the roses EROS
Illuminated concerning quantity LITRE
In favour of compromise PRO
Intend to be unpleasant MEAN
Juicer contains cold stuff ICE
Meagre sort of hint THIN
Medic to lie about being compliant DOCILE
More excited by capital ROME
Normal to declare time AVERAGE
One rogue hugged leader NERO
Rail about fibber LIAR
Real problem with small ray LASER
Ripe design for wharf PIER
Sails fashioned from plant material SISAL
School airs off garments SARIS
Spinning around pub INNS
Suspend new padre DRAPE
Tear off at speed RATE
The burden we bear ONUS
Way out of the Broads ROAD
Wife has pie fragments to brush off WIPE
Wild woman within cover LIVID

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