Mirror Cryptic – Mar 15 2018

Mirror Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions РMar 15 2018

Clues Answers
About time for pet CAT
Afterwards from both ends THEN
Appearing to have food PEA
Aspirant is quiet about offer PRETENDER
Attempts to organise rites TRIES
Bait truly displayed cruelty BRUTALITY
Conscious of a battle to the east AWARE
Entrusted with oxidation RUST
Fool concerning explosive ingredient NITRE
Got up like a flower AROSE
Gravy right for dish SAUCER
Hear silent arrangement LISTEN
Laugh about a large ring HALO
Let bowler play in building BELLTOWER
Love to bother engineers ADORE
Managed to get one in bad conditions RAIN
Many sheets are wasted on manuscript REAMS
Pest involved with current ill will SPITE
Record by socialist got thinner TAPERED
Regret giving agent ten orders REPENT
Rushed out of France RAN
Scared to include transport CAR
Search crate out TRACE
Send me a neat marine creature MANATEE
Spare tent used now AT PRESENT
That woman’s in the right HER
Total state UTTER
You and I organise sale of animal WEASEL

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