Mirror Cryptic – Mar 16 2018

Mirror Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions РMar 16 2018

Clues Answers
Aware of later development ALERT
Caught greeting in cavern CAVE
Celebrate destiny, say FETE
Char about to get less fat CLEANER
Charge novice to touch FEEL
Excludes from pubs BARS
Fears new ticket prices FARES
Feat, organising dairy export FETA
Gloomy about actors OVERCAST
He is acquiring university colours HUES
Inclination to be corrupt BENT
Irritate with hypodermic NEEDLE
Lets it recreate names TITLES
Look in Tuscany SCAN
Notes about weight STONE
Originally called in one engineer NEE
Party with the French benefit DOLE
Pass out of recollection COL
Pets set off in groups SEPTETS
Piece of her coal broke CHORALE
Rubbish on a list ROTA
Scandinavians have catholic routines DANCES
Sceptic brewed this tea ATHEIST
Stick firm to this place COHERE
Surface is unacceptable to team OUTSIDE
Talk at zero speed ORATE
Tear herb into pieces during respite BREATHER
Unconventional bit of syncopation OFFBEAT

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