Mirror Cryptic – Mar 17 2018

Mirror Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 17 2018 

Clues Answers
Encourages London team SPURS
Stare wildly at flower ASTER
Number of contents TEN
Strength and pressure wore off POWER
Whisper to a team ASIDE
Wonder in drawer AWE
Hardly sending ton back NOT
Fairy’s manner AIR
Urge farm produce EGG
Deserved to move near journalist EARNED
Send off results ENDS
Changes as to fodder OATS
Longing to be executed by queen HUNGER
Feel modest about growth ELM
Regard for diocese SEE
Scared to include transport CAR
Are back for a long time ERA
A page torn wide open AGAPE
OK bloke ROGER
Study of cadences DEN
Scandinavian food SWEDE
Discards outbuildings SHEDS
Man takes church position STANCE
Somehow pose as something valuable PESO
Joined team UNITED
Pears used as weapon SPEAR
Conscious of a battle to the east AWARE
Use a needle like this, say SEW
It grows in the street TREE
Call for some jewellery RING
Stupid pub has a point INANE
Tug back on stomach GUT
Lashed around Rowan ASH
Animal gives party energy DOE
See nothing in Manila NIL
First character raced around some shops ARCADE
Rinses out warning devices SIRENS
America has time for employment USAGE
Rages about wheels GEARS
Muse about creatures EMUS
Only a lake MERE
Copied primate, on the day APED
Without hesitation, order bent pole ROD

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