Mirror Cryptic – Mar 20 2018

Mirror Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 20 2018 

Clues Answers
Distance equal to time PARSEC
Follow the rear TAIL
Keen sort of diva AVID
Hear silent arrangement LISTEN
Rug gets round part of defence MOAT
Honest old writer OPEN
Charge novice to touch FEEL
Spinning around pub INN
Insect of character, say BEE
Old friend gets a stone OPAL
Mislay sole arrangement LOSE
Melanie has flair ELAN
Discuss what young lady consumed DEBATE
Aunt mad for fish TUNA
Owing small fees DUES
Steps that may be taken LADDER
Bean shows sign of life PULSE
Got up, finding unlimited kerosene ROSE
It’s unsuitable for ocean travel CANOE
Item moving in the fourth dimension TME
A professor is a handsome youngster ADONIS
City can produce old subject LATIN
Pale sort of request PLEA
God of sore confusion EROS
Bishop to loan mixture BLEND
Plead to change bicycle part PEDAL
Obvious it’s unblocked CLEAR
The burden we bear ONUS
Boy has right to be fat LARD

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