Mirror Cryptic – Mar 21 2018

Clues Answers
Weapon came off MACE
Authentic sort of earl REAL
Loathe such heat HATE
Must deal with dirt SMUT
Elevator gets trainee terribly fit LIFT
Marines set lesson SEMINAR
Traitor within fraternity RAT
Protest new spirit DEMON
Competitor has viral problem RIVAL
Unfortunate stain on material SATIN
Group transported tonne NONET
Hardly sending ton back NOT
Fantastic claim to work with silver MAGICAL
Muse about creatures EMUS
Everything unknown to friend ALLY
New star of painting and music ARTS
One editor’s requirement NEED
Collapsed around part of church APSE
Officers’ room in confusion MESS
Friend is much altered CHUM
Dish as ordered by boy SALAD
Briefly a judge REF
Final use of salt LAST
Rites using flags TIRES
Sheep gets in more trouble MARINO
Giant bird article TITAN
Jog out of bistro, tenuously TROT
Creature has article to mail off ANIMAL
Main problem with a disorder MANIA
Choose to veto, possibly VOTE
Rule out getting male primate LEMUR
Set a test for flavour TASTE
Gas that none used NEON
Cheer around circuit CLAP
Unwisely rely on instrument LYRE
Mother and daughter are crazy MAD

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