Mirror Cryptic – Mar 4 2018

Clues Answers
Afterwards from both ends THEN
Beg for new pedal PLEAD
Brigade’s capital RIGA
Canter off in a daze TRANCE
Catch wrong part TRAP
City can produce language LATIN
Dog returned to supreme being GOD
Dormant talent is stimulated LATENT
Endlessly regretting destruction RUIN
Faced with expert AGE
Fish with a musical tail CODA
Gather pear was cooked REAP
Genie lacks one bit of DNA GENE
Guide bullock STEER
Landlady’s character LETTER
Life-changing dossier FILE
Look for German weapon GLANCE
Mary upset the men ARMY
Mislay sole arrangement LOSE
Most arguments are about celebrity STAR
Order lager for royal REGAL
Part of community UNIT
Period in Outer Mongolia TERM
Press club IRON
Scope of morning section AMBIT
Stressed about lock TRESS
The shape of cricket in London? OVAL
Tolerate animal BEAR
Turn green with unknown vigour ENERGY
Vandalise church after turning deaf DEFACE

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