Mirror Cryptic – Mar 5 2018

Mirror Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 5 2018 

Clues Answers
Attempt a piece of school writing ESSAY
Basis sent coroner mad CORNERSTONE
Blight that I spotted, say EYESORE
Captain has fitting APT
Carol fashioned form of jewellery CORAL
Catch in one trap NET
Comic knees-up BEANO
Coven vying with deadly sin ENVY
Devour in one attempt EAT
Don’t stand for untruth LIE
Dreadful torrent, flowing with no resistance ROTTEN
Edict on new grass LAWN
Fanatical about braid RABID
Finally doesn’t finish volume ATLAS
Hippies’ food PIE
Meal with politicians at event DINNER PARTY
Melanie has style ELAN
Not returning a great deal TON
One worked for a long time EON
Originally called in one engineer NEE
Regard for diocese SEE
Ruin second milliner SHATTER
Slow-moving birds OWLS
Swear about getting new reply ANSWER
Tear out of Tripoli RIP
The first chap gets a toy TEDDY
Unprepared for war breaking out RAW
Wander out of terror ERR

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