Mirror Cryptic – Mar 6 2018

Mirror Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 6 2018 

Clues Answers
Admit being won over OWN
Barrier with rope attached CORDON
Bound to change diet TIED
Complain to a bird GROUSE
Control overflowing stream MASTER
Crude sort of weld LEWD
Fairy’s manner AIR
Father, with hesitation, gets cat PUMA
German university students get the bird GULL
Girl at a charity soiree GALA
Honest old writer OPEN
Initials slowly put upon rear boot spike SPUR
Jab quietly with stick PROD
Lois managed to get the dirt SOIL
Look in Tuscany SCAN
Make box to contain energy CREATE
Many Londoners have material NYLON
Paper around large field REALM
Peer in real trouble EARL
Relative is mostly vague UNCLE
Repeat in the choir ECHO
Retain different eye part RETINA
Reveal second method SHOW
Round bees, terribly fat OBESE
Set tea out in the grounds ESTATE
Spoken of morality ORAL
Surgeon’s desire URGE
Tessa returned something valuable ASSET
Ties up venue SITE
TV detective’s code MORSE

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