Mirror Cryptic – Mar 7 2018

Mirror Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 7 2018 

Clues Answers
A copper gives soldiers awareness ACUMEN
A novel once more ANEW
A number enjoy something DIGIT
Article about concert RECITAL
Bishop, elderly but brave BOLD
Blue feathers DOWN
Change during meditation EDIT
Charge novice to touch FEEL
City can produce language LATIN
Clever wife is English WISE
Colour makes church ascend CERISE
Confused a year with a shorter time DAY
Criticise deity PAN
Drain away money DINAR
Dread fare changes FEAR
Drive pins round SPIN
Element of victory? GOLD
Following from main exterior NEXT
Goes on at horses NAGS
Instrument to fix stair SITAR
Lamp is not heavy LIGHT
Males ran witch hunt site SALEM
Missing a symbol MINUS
Not military, but well-mannered CIVIL
Note changed in quality TONE
Plead for three keys BEG
Refuse to study unknown DENY
Secure giant, say TIGHTEN
Set broken leg GEL
Sharp as a group of detectives ACID
Souvenir of pure lichen RELIC
Terribly evil and horrid VILE
The picture contains a story EPIC
Tries rearranging rituals RITES
Unexciting apartment FLAT
Utensil wasted loot TOOL

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