Mirror Cryptic – Mar 9 2018

Mirror Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 9 2018 

Clues Answers
A portal of stone AGATE
Almost revere a trainee officer ADMIRAL
Cadge from cleaner SPONGE
Clapped around course LAP
Crazy about one domestic MAID
Croatian fashion used in bad weather RAINCOAT
Drama involving a rope OPERA
Flyer reaches starting point by way of hill AVIATOR
Free of bride RID
Friend working on ship MATE
Husband has more on new chemical HORMONE
Left some wine PORT
Lesson about molar MORAL
Loathing an interpretation AVERSION
Nothing but affection LOVE
Part of the play? ROLE
Performer has keys to lock ACTRESS
Races round in shock SCARE
Rat has characteristic, alternatively TRAITOR
Rubbish on a list ROTA
Seasoned as sulphur gets dealt out SALTED
Short poem on a disc ROUNDEL
Waste time as a craftsman POTTER
When I get a lot of land ASIA
Window sounds a nuisance PANE
Work for politicians LABOUR
Writer depicting void OVID
Yield a plant ovule, say CEDE

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