Mirror Quick – 19 March 2018

Mirror Quick Crossword Puzzle Solutions – 19 March 2018 

Clues Answers
Stinging insects WASPS
Proverb ADAGE
Art of folding paper into shapes ORIGAMI
Sixth month JUNE
State without proof ALLEGE
Pleasantly smooth or soft MELLOW
Jewellery item RING
Prank, romp ESCAPADE
Seedless raisin SULTANA
Strong string TWINE
Once more AGAIN
Loafer IDLER
Very bad AWFUL
Breakfast food CEREAL
Fall in drops DRIP
Slow and steady GRADUAL
Fret over WORRY
Naval vessel MINESWEEPER
Fielding position in cricket LONGLEG
Normal USUAL
Burning AFIRE
Indian dress SARI

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