Mirror Quick – Mar 12 2018

Clues Answers
Alcoholic drink made from apples CIDER
Assistants AIDES
Brownish-orange fossil resin AMBER
Code word for the letter L LIMA
Diaper NAPPY
Extending or directly below UNDER
Eye make-up MASCARA
Fish type TROUT
Gasping for air OUT OF BREATH
Greek restaurant TAVERNA
Interrupt BUTTIN
Inuit boat KAYAK
Jealousy ENVY
Lacking fat LEAN
Look of disapproval or displeasure FROWN
Machine for producing power TURBINE
Painting of a person PORTRAIT
Slides SLIPS
Speech characteristic LISP
Splendid, impressive MAGNIFICENT
Swallow up ENGULF
Tableland PLATEAU
Very large GIGANTIC
Watches carefully OBSERVES
Woven fabric CLOTH

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