Mirror Quick – Mar 2 2018

Mirror Quick Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 2 2018 

Clues Answers
At no time NEVER
Attack with explosive devices BOMB
Auction SALE
Backless sofa DIVAN
Disciple APOSTLE
Do away with ABOLISH
Extremely careful and detailed PAINS TAKING
Fingertip cover NAIL
Form of government REPUBLIC
Garment TSHIRT
Gymnastic movement FORWARDROLL
Keep quiet or unseen LIELOW
Knitting stitch PURL
Large town or populous place CITY
Mark left after a wound heals SCAR
Newspaper, periodical JOURNAL
Paved garden area PATIO
Precious metal SILVER
Protect, maintain PRESERVE
Seasonal inoculation FLUJAB
System of rules LAW
Unoccupied job VACANCY
Vulnerable part UNDERBELLY
Young goat KID

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