Mirror Quiz – Mar 14 2018

Mirror Quiz Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 14 2018 

Clues Answers
1991 volume of short stories by Hunter S Thompson SCREWJACK
1998 action film starring Robert De Niro and Jean Reno RONIN
1998 comedy-drama starring Lindsay Lohan in dual roles THEPARENT
2008 novel by Bernard Cornwell AZINCOURT
Alex __, 1959 Wimbledon men’s singles tennis championship winner OLMEDO
Branch of botany concerned with seaweeds and other algae PHYCOLOGY
Commune in Bouches-du-Rhone, France; largest suburb of Marseille MARIGNANE
Eddy __, author of novels The Lucy Ghosts and Ring of Red Roses SHAH
Herring or mackerel salted in brine, smoked and cured BLOATER
Large New Zealand parrot with brownish-green plumage KEA
Lew __, winner of the 1956 Australian Championships singles tennis title HOAD
Long narrow boat used on the canals of Venice GONDOLA
Miles __, actor-comedian who played Archie in BBC TV children’s show Balamory JUPP
Northampton Saints rugby union fullback; 2009 England Test debutant against Italy BEN
Peninsula in the Ukraine between the Sea of Azov and Black Sea CRIMEA
River that flows through Leicester SOAR
Singer-actor whose 1989 album debut was Let Love Rule LENNY
The __, 1998-2001 BBC TV drama starring Katy Cavanagh and John Henshaw COPS
Thomas __, furniture maker; author of The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer’s Drawing-Book SHERATON
Thomas __, Jacobean author of stage plays Women Beware Women and Hengist, King of Kent MIDDLETON
Tropical American tree whose unripe fruit yields a liquid used as a dye for tattoos GENIPAPO
Variety of wheat with pale red kernels cultivated as grain for horses EINKORN
Xavier __, Spain-born bandleader who appeared in films Bathing Beauty and You Were Never Lovelier CUGAT

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