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Mirror Quiz – Mar 17 2018

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Mirror Quiz Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 17 2018 

Clues Answers
The —, ITV talent show whose first winner was Steve Brookstein in 2004 XFACTOR
Ancient Greek galley with three banks of oars on each side TRIREME
Verse form consisting of 14 lines in iambic pentameter SONNET
Samuel —, British diarist and naval administrator who died in 1703 PEPYS
1941 novella by W Somerset Maugham UPATTHE
Greg —, author of novels Quantico and Dead Lines BEAR
Former secret police in East Germany STASI
Biblical judge of Israel; lover of Delilah SAMSON
— Mountain, site of a famous observatory north of San Diego, California PALOMAR
Original name of dog Snowy in comic strip The Adventures of Tintin MILOU
Large destructive sea wave produced by a submarine earthquake, volcanic eruption or subsidence TSUNAMI
Large island of the Balearics group south of Ibiza FORMENTERA
US television comedy series starring Larry David and Jeff Garlin CURBYOUR
1907 novel by L Frank Baum OZMA
Joan —, Spanish painter whose works include 1967’s The Gold of Azure MIRO
Ray —, London-born ventriloquist whose dolls included Lord Charles ALAN
Language of ancient Rome LATIN
2009 novel by Ben Elton MELTDOWN
Frank —, author of 1993 novel The Walpole Orange and 1997 autobiography A Kentish Lad MUIR
1975 thriller starring Roy Scheider and Robert Shaw JAWS