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Mirror Quiz – Mar 20 2018

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Mirror Quiz Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 20 2018 

Clues Answers
Ernest —, author of 1918 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel His Family POOLE
Alchemical name for the element mercury AZOTH
2009 comedy starring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg ZOMBIELAND
 1970 novel by J G Farrell TROUBLES
Female of the red deer when aged three years or more HIND
Large amphibian of North America with a deep croak BULLFROG
Collection of musical pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach based on a theme by Frederick II of Prussia THE MUSICAL
Kel —, golfer who won The Open Championship in 1960 NAGLE
Tenth letter in the Greek alphabet KAPPA
Alois —, Austrian figure skater after whom a type of jump is named LUTZ
 Short legless larva of a beetle GRUB
June —, US actress married to actor Fred MacMurray from 1954-91 HAVER
1927 novel by Patricia Wentworth HUENDCRY
B A W —, Sri Lanka Test cricketer who took 5-56 against India in Colombo in 2008 MENDITS
Small swift falcon such as the Eurasian — or African — HOBBY
Legendary daughter of Eormenred of Kent DOMNEEAFE
Maurice —, United States footballer who played for Rangers from 2008-12 EDU
 Metropolitan city in South Korea on the Taehwa River ULSAN
Ricky —, 2007-09 IBO Light Welterweight champion HATTON
Grey mineral; chief ore of lead GALENA
Gene —, US actor-singer who played the title role in 1951 film Western Whirlwind AUTRY
Island in the Inner Hebrides; site of an abbey founded by St Columba IONA
Molten rock expelled by a volcano LAVA