Mirror Quiz – Mar 3 2018

Clues Answers
Long flat vertical bone in man also called the breastbone STERNUM
2000 film starring Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe PROOF
Paul __, French painter whose works include 1888’s Avenue at Chantilly CEZANNE
1983 drama starring Gene Hackman and Rutger Hauer EUREKA
Spa town in Allier, France; seat of the collaborationist government from 1940-44 VICHY
Front part of the lower leg SHIN
Rare black and grey bird also called a Hawaiian goose NENE
Linda __, actress who played Simone Beck in 2009 film drama Julie & Julia EMOND
__ Engineering Co Ltd, motorcycle manufacturing firm based in Coventry that went bankrupt in 1983 TRIUMP
Actor who played the title role in 1970 BBC TV historical drama series The Six Wives of Henry VIII KEITH
1995 comedy-drama starring Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie HACKERS
J G Farrell novel that won the 1973 Booker Prize for Fiction THE SIEGE OF
The __, Rose Tremain novel that won the 2008 Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction ROAD HOME
Inner and longer of the two bones of the human forearm ULNA
Official language of Pakistan URDU
Arthur __, 1958 Commonwealth shot put gold medallist ROWE
Sea duck of the northern hemisphere valued for the soft fine down of the female ELDER
Parish in Perth and Kinross, Scotland; former site of the Pictish capital SCONE
Forceful shot in basketball where the ball is put directly through the hoop from above SLAMDUNK
Plant related to the onion; a national emblem of Wales LEEK
Gerry __, co-founder and first leader of the SDLP in Northern Ireland in 1970 FITT
Large mammal also known as a killer whale ORCA

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