Mirror Quiz – Mar 7 2018

Mirror Quiz Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 7 2018 

Clues Answers
— Alps, European range whose highest peak is Monte Leone LEPONTINE
1974 drama starring Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway CHINATOWN
1982 action film starring Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner TRON
Author of stage plays Shout Across the River and Strawberry Fields STEPHEN
BBC TV sitcom starring Ronnie Barker as Albert Arkwright OPEN
Birgit —, Swedish dramatic soprano whose US debut was in 1956 NILSSON
Cape —, peninsula of NE Tunisia BON
Edward —, prime minister from 1970-74 HEATH
European kingdom whose capital is Copenhagen DENMARK
Fleshy, coloured or hairy appendage around a seed, such as that of a yew ARIL
Jimmy —, musician-actor who starred in 1972 crime film The Harder They Come CLIFF
Largest city in Wisconsin, US MILWAUKEE
Location northwest of Newport, Isle of Wight, housing one of two prisons on the island PARKHURST
London-born US film and stage comedian who died in 2003 aged 100 BOBHOPE
Norman —, chancellor of the Exchequer from 1990-93 LAMONT
Red flower associated with Remembrance Day CORNPOPPY
River that rises in the Cairngorm Mountains before flowing east to the North Sea DON
Ryuichi —, 2006, 2007 and 2010 British Superbike Championship winner KIYONARI
Small fleshy flap of tissue at the back of the throat; an extension of the soft palate UVULA
State on the NW coast of the Persian Gulf KUWAIT
The —, 2000s US drama series starring Dominic West as Jimmy McNulty WIRE
Tropical Asian tree with orange-yellow ovoid fruit MANGO
Type of flaky pastry produced in very thin sheets FILO
Type of unleavened bread popular in India and the Caribbean ROTI

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